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The Story of GraniTite®

GraniTite® was developed out of necessity, as are most new products. For the last thirty years the paint and decorative concrete coating industries fell asleep when it came to addressing the two most important issues in decorative coatings - colorfastness and slip resistance. As a result, property owners and property managers were forced to settle for inferior coating products to beautify and protect their property. In fact, why would the paint industry want to develop a paint that was impervious to UV light fading? The paint industry (regardless of their product claims) makes its money selling paint products engineered to color fade. This planned obsolescence assures that their customers will come back to buy more paint time and again. After all, a property owner that needs to repaint his property due to color fading is money in the bank for the paint manufacturers.

What about slip resistance? When it comes to providing a really slip-resistant decorative coating that helps to protect the commercial property owner from slip and fall liability, the paint and concrete coating industries failed miserably. The best the paint industry managed to develop over the last fifty years is a paint incorporating a sand aggregate. This sand mixed into the paint increases the paint's co-efficient of friction (the measure of slip-resistance) and, although this is effective at first, the sand aggregate generally wears off within a few months due to pedestrian foot traffic leaving both an unsightly worn "traffic pattern' and the property owner with a false sense of protection from slip and fall accidents. The concrete coating industry has not done much better. Its solution to slip and fall problems is the procedure of spraying concrete coatings down in a "textured" spray creating a rough surface that will provide a better grip for the foot. And, although this is true to some degree, when concrete coatings get wet (right after a rainfall), they can be just as slippery as an ice surface. Many hotel managers will testify to this truism.

John F. Patti, founder and president of GraniTite®, Inc., having been in the concrete coating business for years, realized that there had to be a better way. There had to be a way to provide the customer with a decorative coating that was truly colorfast and slip-resistant. Since the industry had not produced such a coating product it would have to be invented. After years of research, development and trial and error, GraniTite® was developed. The result is an architectural decorative coating system second to none for colorfastness and slip-resistance. GraniTite® is revolutionizing the coatings industry.

The commercial property owner also benefits from the aesthetic features of GraniTite®. In addition, the very high slip-resistance rating can provide better protection against exposure to slip and fall liability. From hotel properties to manufacturing facilities, GraniTite® is exceeding OSHA and insurance recommendations. As a result, GraniTite® dealers and distributors are enjoying a welcomed acceptance in the marketplace with

After years of research and development GraniTite® was released February 2001 by featuring it at the World of Concrete Trade Show in Las Vegas. This is the yearly trade show for the construction industry where new products are profiled. GraniTite® was an amazing hit at this show generating enormous interest from show visitors.

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